Saturday, December 02, 2006

Alexander & the Riot "Information"

And here it is --

**note: if you want to see this without the "YouTube" bug in the lower-right corner, visit the actual YouTube page here**

some quick production notes:
- used two identical cameras (Panasonic AG-DVX100A) shooting in 24P, one with .7 wide angle adapter
- lighting was just a simple 4-light kit
- room was approx. 8x10-foot with small closet (we lined the walls and ceiling with newspapers)
- shooting schedule for the video was a day and a half
- Alex plays everything on the recording except drums and accordingly plays the same parts in the video: guitar/vocal, bass, keyboard (he's also the German announcer)
- [I will post more on this later]

Get more info on Alexander & the Riot at their official site and at their MySpace page. Their EP can be purchased at CD Baby.