Saturday, November 11, 2006

No F-F-F-Foolin': Def Leppard Played on Local Classic Rock Station

Today on the local classic rock station (KGON-FM) the DJ back-announced Def Leppard's 1983 track "Foolin'" by mentioning that they've written "a ton of material" on their recent tour and that they have plans to "get into the studio and record a new album." But why bother mentioning that here, I wondered.

I mean, are you like me? Aren't you dying to know what the odometer reading is on "Foolin'", "Photograph" and "Pour Some Sugar On Me" for those guys and every other station out there like them? Def Leppard could record a whole new box set and you'd still be hearing these guys saying the same old shit: hey, this is Marty Party on your workday tripleplay...kicking things off, here's Def Leppard with "Hysteria" on your home of rock 'n' roll, KGON...



Blogger Monkey Father said...

Classic rock channels like KGON are full of contradictions, given their homophobic, predominately conservative demographic. Def Leppard are more 'girl pop' than rock, Queen are obviously gay, and Bob Segar just plain blows.

Great post -- looking forward to more.

11:27 AM  

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